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RiseUp Resilience Program

Building Strength in Unity:

The RiseUp Resilience Program

A Peer Mentor Program Transforming The Journey of Recovery






About The Program

At RiseUp Recovery Foundation, we understand that the journey towards recovery is not one to be walked alone. That’s why we established the RiseUp Resilience Program — a pioneering initiative that pairs individuals embarking on their recovery journey with trained Peer Mentors who have themselves successfully navigated the path to recovery.

Our Peer Mentors are more than guides — they are pillars of support, understanding, and wisdom, who leverage their personal experiences to empower mentees. They stand beside their mentees as they navigate the complexities of recovery, offering guidance, moral support, and practical strategies for resilience and positive change.

The RiseUp Resilience Program is a structured journey, with a timeline spanning six months to a year, though the bonds formed often last a lifetime. The program incorporates a comprehensive system of goal setting and progress tracking, ensuring each mentee is actively moving towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.



Our mentorship program is not just about individual empowerment — it’s a reciprocal relationship that benefits both parties. As our mentors support their mentees, they in turn reinforce their own commitment to sobriety, fostering a circle of mutual support and continued personal growth.



Furthermore, the program provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of various treatment programs from which mentees graduate, allowing us to continually assess and enhance our approaches based on real-time feedback.



The RiseUp Resilience Program: Because together, we RISE.


A life changing Experience

"The RiseUp Resilience Program has been a truly rewarding and uplifting experience. It has become a foundational element of my sustained recovery" - Mark (Mentor)

With Courage


We Stand

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Become a Mentor

Contact us today to find out how you can become a Mentor in the RiseUp Resilience Program. Being a Mentor is not just about helping others, it also provides you with invaluable skills to aide you in your own recovery:

Reinforced Sobriety



Person Growth



Communication Skills



Apply Today

Find a mentor

Contact us today to find out how you can find a Mentor in the RiseUp Resilience Program. Being a Mentee is proven to drastically increase your chances at long term sobriety. It is crucial to have support as you navigate early sobriety. Some of the things you can gain in the program include:

Support Network


Skill Development

Goal Setting




Personal Growth


With Support



Jordan Wilson

"To me, the RiseUp Resilience Program embodies everything that we aim to do at RiseUp Recovery Foundation. Being a Mentor, and a part of the program will be something I will always cherish and take part in."

Buster Pulley

"This program makes me better every day. Recovery is tough, without guidance it can feel impossible. I get a chance to make the impossible a reality for those that need it. It doesn't get much better than that!"